Fifty years earlier this week, Barclaycard delivered the best cards in the UK.

After 50 years, buyers were familiar with the payment, but in 1966 an example had to emerge when individuals had to use their new plastic cards.

„I did not think the best it was at the time,“ adds Liz Hodgkinson, a 22-year-old man who barely left school.

On June 29, 1966, the Barclays Society gave approximately 1.25 million plastic tickets to their customers, helping them get some back to them, returned or never used, as much as Liz, an essayist, the better delivery technique regard. .

In a course book from Barclays it is said that he gave the cards to his best customers. It was a horrible uprising, because everything has to be taken into account. They need a male agent to get credit. ‚

The bank said at the time: ‚[The inspiration that drives [Barclaycard] is to reduce the cash utilization when shopping and bringing in various cash transactions, and it is prescribed not to ask explorers and a reasonable arrangement. Cash for dinner should not go through. no matter how far the typical customer is in the whole country. ‚

The benefits for retailers and affiliates have also been noted, as the card has been shown to contribute to the decline or expansion of accounting, which is currently apparently being checked by credit accounts. ‚

„I felt sensational“

Every time she discovers the good conditions, Liz uses her card quickly.

‚I understand that I can buy something from time to time without paying for it, and that I can not be there for three weeks.

„I felt weird. My most important other thing at the time was the financial business at Lloyds, so I got nothing.“

It really took six years before Barclays‘ opponents responded on the highway.

At the moment and now

While a meeting with Lloyds, NatWest and Midland (now HSBC) sent the confirmation card in 1972, there were 1.7 million Barclaycard holders.

Today, the affiliation has just as many other business customers with 10.5 million copper customers.