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During the 1940s, barter and oil contracts were the only place where bar charts were made. An installment card was a means of transportation, where the nearby master paid the excess amount and normally the individual reimbursed the employee.

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In 1949, a man named Frank McNamara sent stacking cards to bistros, known as the Diner’s Club. The pioneer has recently been spotted by 27 bistros, a year earlier

Memory made with 200 to 42 000 cardholders. The Diner’s Club card was the main issue for the current Mastercard level.

Before the most comprehensive plan during the 1950s, American Express placed a bet. In 1958, BankAmericard was the most important piece of Mastercard in the Bank of America. In 1959, Amex introduced the plastic card of the cerebellum and it started moving. Around that time, several banks in California sent their own cards, including the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and the Bank of California.

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During the 1970s and 1980s, distinctive credit networks were merged, joining the issuance of cards and the confirmation of cards with different mates. American Express and Discover regulate themselves and are currently the third and fourth largest guide network in the United States.

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Today, Visa has a typical state of the market as it has $ 493 billion in the second quarter of 2018, from Mastercard with $ 202 billion and American Express with $ 195 to $ 195.

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The two presentations and the records are strengthened every year. Visa rose by 10.5% in a similar period, Mastercard by 8% and Amex by 10%, bringing Amex closer in a general sense to the subsequent US opening.